Entry 16

     I awoke to find myself sitting in my chair. My computer was on and the monitor showed a screen saver. I checked my watch – it was five something. Even though I just woke up, I felt tired and groggy. My mind felt in a haze.
     How long had I been sleeping? I couldn't remember ever drifting to sleep. I managed to recollect my inner eye hallucinations, but nothing more than that. I checked to see if I had written any more to my story.
     To my shock and dismay, there was nothing written. The complete document was blank. I attempted to undo, but nothing happened. I checked if there were back-ups of the file... but I couldn't find any.
     My heart sank, and I felt like screaming.
     I kept attempting to undo or to find some older version of my writing, but to no avail.
     Dillion Green was gone.

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  1. Reminds me of my unwritten essay lol. Good writing!