Entry 19

     His name was Dillion Green, and he was a painter. His life had been typical and boring. He had taken for granted the everyday routine he once had. He now found himself an old man, filled with regret, waiting to die alone.
     His wife was long gone. The house had started to deteriorate as it went unattended by Dillion. A thin coat of dust could be visible around the house. The paint upon the walls has began to peel.
     This was not where he imagined he'd be when he was younger. He never imagined himself to be a painter or an artist or a creator. There was a time when he was an ambitious business man who wanted everything, but felt empty inside.
     That's when he had met his beautiful soon-to-be wife who had graced him with the will to create. She had been his muse, and now with her gone, he felt that same emptiness that he once knew.
     Thus was the life of Dillion Green.