Entry 8

     Night time. The walls dissolved into a black shade that surrounded me. I could hear every little noise inside and outside of my house. I heard the faint rustle of leaves from the gentle night breeze. I heard the sound of traffic from the main avenue in the distance. I heard the house groan as it shifted on its foundation.
     Why couldn't I sleep?
     I sat up and began wondering if maybe I was sleeping. What if all this was a dream? I had heard of a few reality checks you could preform to check, so I started trying to remember all of them.
     Hands. I looked at my hands, front and back. Nothing unusual.
     Breathing. I attempted to hold my breath as long as possible, but all that accomplished was making my headache even more prevalent.
     Lights. I stood up and flicked the light switch on and off. The light turned on and off accordingly.
     Text. I picked up a book and read the first sentence, looked away and then looked back. It was the same sentence.
     Death. I looked at the gun I kept in my bedside drawer. I decided not to risk it.


  1. I really liked this one. I've been thinking of trying to start lucid dreaming, I always tend to be too tired for it to happen though...

    Great post.

  2. Don't you hate it when reality checks bounce...

  3. The death statement made me laugh!