Entry 5

     I took what Christine said to heart. I would write a mystery. It's what I was good at. It was my niche.
     Dillion Green. That's what I'd name the main character. He'll be an ambitious man, lots of talent. With brown hair sporting aged grays, he'd be an older man who never quite made enough money to live comfortably. His brilliant ideas consistently went to waste. After his wife died, he moved into a smaller house outside of the city – he'd try to live a secluded life.
     I sat there at my computer, typing all this down. It felt good to write again, to finally be creative once more.
     I'd give life to a new character. Where ever he went, I went. What ever emotion he felt, I felt. It's hard to part with a character at the end of the novel, after all that time and effort... constructing his appearance, his emotion, his characteristics, his speech, everything...

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  1. I really like the tone and style you have for this character.