Entry 10

     I began to feel a lot like my creation – lonely and without inspiration. I knew it was because he was me. Dillion Green would always in some sense be a projection of myself.
     That was an odd thing about being a writer. You could find out more about yourself from your writing than you wanted to know. That's why I was hesitant whether to keep my character as I had first created him: he would reveal my subconscious. My inner thoughts would turn him into an outlet.
     I considered this to be therapy – to help break my writer's block. If Dillion Green could find some muse, some sort of inspiration, I knew I could as well.

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  1. I love the last sentence, it's one of those ones where the obverse is equally true ("If you could find some sort of muse, Dillion Green could as well") but one of the versions is more useful and magical than the other.